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Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   Non-Fungible Fashion   Neo-Couture   

Coming Q1 2024

48 original characters hand drawn by legendary
comic book artist, Gilbert Hernández.

Each wears a singular algorithmically generated hoodie.

Each unique design translates into a one-of-one physical.

960 NFTs. 860 physicals in French Terry, 100 in Cashmere.

Accessible mint price, physical twin included.


A Manifesto for a Future Heritage

People are non-fungible. So why does everyone dress alike?

We make one-of-one fashion for everyone — singular designs that define the wearer as provably unique while simultaneously connecting them to the larger network of mmERCH collectors. We believe in a world of difference where clothes are as distinctive as DNA and you've got the on-chain data to prove it.

We're building a new heritage—of the past, in the present, for the future.

We love fashion. But feel the time has come for a new heritage built for the cultural creators and appreciators of Web3. Discrete individuals interlinked across digital and physical worlds — a collective of one-of-ones.

We're gaga for generative design.

A touch of chance creates collections of 1-of-1-of-x, sans limit. Singular garments developed from a curated set of constraints (palette, patterns, material) and executed at scale: one-of-one for everyone.

We love fine craftsmanship.

Virtual fashion is exciting. Yet we're too in love with the feel of fabric to let it go. We see Neo-Couture as PFPs IRL. And so we've set about creating fashion that moves like we do — traversing the digital, physical, and virtual with equal luxury and style.

Our future overfloweth.

Drops and drops of premium goods — from hoodies to backpacks to hats to whatever we (that includes you) can dream up. Got ideas? Let us know. Let's build a community of creators.


A Manifesto for a Future Heritage

how mmerch generative fashion works

Creating rarity for the rare

Creating rarity for the rare

Haute couture creates one-of-one fashion for the very few. But how do you create one-of-one fashion for everyone? You turn to the wonder of algorithms.

We plug our taste — colors, patterns, material — into a computational engine that, in one click, generates thousands of unique designs.

hoodie silhouette

Define Traits

Every mmERCH collection begins with a featured silhouette and set of traits — body, pocket, hood, bands, sleeves.

colors and patterns

Input Attributes

We curate a set of colors and patterns that will adorn said traits.

rarity curve

Assign Rarity

For each design attribute, we assign a level of rarity where color and pattern is driven by a value curve, sparking scarcity.

final design

Generate Outputs

Our algorithm draws from the inputs to create a set of unique designs, a collection of one-of-one goods. Some are rarer than others but each is unique.

This is what you get — Fashion 3.0

One-of-one that's Digital, Physical, & Virtual.



An NFT artwork, rife with utility, forged in collaboration with an artist, designer, brand.

digital artwork forged in collaborations


Delectable luxury, premium materials, meticulously crafted, NFC enabled.

french terry, physical hoodie example

French Terry

Cut & sew, hailing from a fabric mill in Italy before traveling to LA where they are hand cut and assembled into a premium garment.

The logo is silk screened, the printing is European, and the thread, tonal.

cashmere, physical hoodie example


100% cashmere hoodie produced from hand dyed yarn and knit in Italy.

Each algorithmic design is assembled via linked jacquard panels and finished with an embroidered logo.

A most luxurious garment, indeed.



Bringing your mmERCH to life in the metaverse — whatever that is, whenever that may be.

artworks + environment : Tyler Hobbs, Joshua Bagley, 6529, ONCYBER

mmERCH garment preview
Drop 1 // Egg Collection

Our first drop is in collaboration with the legendary, multi-award winning comic book artist, Gilbert Hernández.

mmERCH garment preview

Drop deets (in case you missed it)

  • 48 original characters hand drawn by Gilbert Hernández.
  • Each wears a singular algorithmically generated hoodie.
  • Each unique design translates into a one-of-one physical.
  • 960 NFTs. 860 physicals in French Terry, 100 in Cashmere.
  • Accessible mint price, physical twin included.
  • Drop Date: Q1 2024
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A collection of artists, esthetes, degens, designers, philosophers, and coders.


A collection of artists, esthetes, degens, designers, philosophers, and coders.

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Colby Mugrabi

Founder & CEO

Colby Mugrabi is the founder of mmERCH, a visionary fashion house at the intersection of generative design, blockchain, and fine craftsmanship. Acting as both CEO and Art Director, Colby channels her deep knowledge and connections in the fashion, art, and Web3 worlds, introducing an entirely new category—Neo-Couture, one-of-one-of-x luxury fashion that's at once digital, physical, and virtual.

In 2017, Colby founded Minnie Muse, the research-based digital digest known for its original high-quality content cultivating the cross-pollination of art, fashion, architecture, and design.

In addition to mmERCH, Colby is a member of the digital fashion consortium Red DAO, serves on the NYU Gallatin's Dean's Council and guest lectures at the Parsons' School of Design; she is also a contributing writer at W Magazine and Air Mail. Colby is an active member of the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and serves on the board of The Shed, a multi-disciplinary arts center located in New York City's Hudson Yards.

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